United Kingdom

Crabtree Farm estate

The project aims to pilot a new District Heating Network using mine water as a heat source to circa 60 homes managed by Nottingham City Homes in the Crabtree Farm estate.

Having the potential to provide low carbon and low cost heat to Nottingham City Homes tenants and contributing to environmental and fuel poverty strategies, the project includes the City’s ambition to become the UK’s first Carbon Neutral City by 2028. The project will be vital in assessing the potential for this technology to be further rolled out across the city, utilizing Nottingham’s rich mining heritage and exploiting this redundant network of flooded mines to provide an innovative new source of heat. This technology could also address challenges faced by developers as Building Regulation amendments seek to phase out the use of natural gas.

Low temperature heat source

The network of flooded mines will provide a 15°C source of heat.

Distributed heat sources

Heat pumps in energy centers will supply heat to clusters of houses.

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