5th generation district heating and cooling

Industrial Alliance (5GDHC IA)

About 5GDHC Industrial Alliance

Looking to the future, the Interreg “D2Grids” project is establishing a 5GDHC Industrial Alliance.
The purpose of the 5GDHC Industrial Alliance among others is offering solutions to climate change through promoting sustainable heating and cooling grids, like 5th generation district heating and cooling.

The 5th generation district heating and cooling Industrial Alliance (5GDHC IA) is an association of organizations and companies who qualify with their products and services to 5GDHC technology and are brought together to support further optimisation and roll-out of 5GDHC.


  1. Align industries to work together and develop products and standards for 5GDHC.
  2. Share knowledge and identify opportunities for 5GDHC.
  3. Identify needs and barriers for 5GDHC and work with different stakeholders to improve market conditions.

Target groups:

  • Technology suppliers and manufacturers of key components of the system.
  • Energy agencies, renewable energy associations.
  • Operators of electricity or thermal networks.
  • Engineering companies and consultancy firms.

Benefits for members:

  • Joining unique developing market of 5GDHC technology components and services;
  • Extending networking in 5GDHC industrial sector;
  • Accelerating knowledge and experience level in 5GDHC;
  • Getting access to broader international market and tenders of 5GDHC; new project proposals and finding new eligible project partners;
  • Being informed about skill gaps and labour needs in 5GDHC;
  • Possibilities of promoting their company, expertise and solutions towards the 5GDHC IA and its members;
  • Staying informed of the innovative 5GDHC technologies.

Membership cost: free.

LinkedIn page: Here!

Link to join 5GDHC IA: Right here!

For more information, please contact: Anna Bronzes (anna.bronzes@ou.nl)

Members of 5GDHC Industrial Alliance 

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