Development Toolkit

This page gathers all the useful tools for  working on 5G project:

1 – Start a projet with the Kick Start Tool*

This questionnaire and the report generated address the initiation phase through the proposition of a conceptual design and specific recommendations to help develop future 5GDHC networks. The tool can be used by project developers or designers and service providers to evaluate how far from the 5GDHC their project is and what would be the next steps to develop the project.

2 – Market transformation potential methodology and market evaluation as of 2022

The D2Grids project aims to answer the question what market transformation potential 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC) has in the future.

Because the data needed for the initial method developed for this purpose was not available, an alternative method was developed. This method uses existing studies on the market potential of traditional district heating. This report describes this method which also looks at the similarities and differences between 5GDHC and traditional district heating.

The result of this analysis is that 5GDHC could have a market transformation potential of 15% of the entire heating market by 2050 if district heating were indeed to grow at the rate indicated in the studies studied. This would mean that in 2050 5GDHC systems would cover 40% of all new district heating installed after 2022.

We invite you to read the documents here and here to learn more!

3 – Plan district energy systems

One possible tool is nPro developed by nPro Energy GmbH.
With it you can simulate districts with heating and cooling networks, renewable energies, hydrogen technologies, heat pumps and seasonal storages.

4 – Calculate the CO2 impact of a project

This simple calculation model is designed to calculate the direct and biogenic GHG emissions of 5G networks.
It may be used freely by clicking here for the tool and right here for the description.

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