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Clyde Gateway

Clyde Gateway is Scotland’s biggest and most ambitious regeneration programme. It is a partnership between Glasgow City Counsil, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Enterprise, backed by funding and direct support from the Scottish Government. It is an important regeneration zone of Glasgow and is transforming into an area comprising a mix of uses including residential, commercial, retail, leisure and educational buildings.

Renewable energy

A passive heat recovery system will be installed on the Delmarnock Waste Water Treatment Work (WWTW) effluents, enabling this wasted heat source as the main energy balancing source of th 5GDHC network.

The DHN Energy center on the site includes a gas-fired CHP which provides heat to the WWTW. The pilot site scheme assumes the inclusion of a heat recovery arrangement to capture waste heat from the CHP to supply the 5GDHC.

Thermal storage

Thermal storage is included and can provide benefits to the 5GDHC network, it will allow the network to better share the energy between the buildings by allowing the ability to store any excess of cold or heat energy within the system.

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