This section contains all the documents published by D2GRIDS partners. These documents aim to increase knwoledge about 5GDHC. They provide tools and methods to encourage stakeholders to move towards this new generation of networks.

Work Package Technology

Procurement for 5GDHC - June 2021

Joint guidance on professional, technological, methodological, evaluation criteria to be applied in tender
procedures of individual pilot sites.


Transnational Roll-Out Strategy - April 2020

A joint strategy of project partners, defining strategic goals, approach and key steps for the 1) durability and scaling-up of pilot investments, 2) rolling out to new territories, 3) reaching out to key target groups (industry, project developers, investors).


Market survey on available components - December 2019

Based on a market survey, the currently available products and components will be identified, including technical specifications and information on costs, ease of installation and available volumes.


Work Package Commercialization

Investment opportunities report - August 2021

The report presents pre-conditions for financing by 1) external long-term investors (e.g. pension funds, green bonds); 2) investors on the energy market (e.g. electricity/thermal network owner, ESCOs); 3) end-users (energy cooperations, crowd-funding).


Blockchain and smart contract State of the art on the energy market - September 2019

A detailed state of the art analysis report on smart contracting solutions in closed loop energy systems.