Join the D2Grids final event to know all about 5GDHC!

Meet us on 19 April in Centrale Supélec’s engineering school on Paris-Saclay campus to learn about the outputs of this innovative energy system and all the prerequisites, knowledge, and know-how of this essential solution at a time of energy transition.

The conference (09:00am - 12:30pm):

During this conference, you’ll understand how D2Grids research works and 5GDHC developments will help you and all DHC stakeholders to develop and connect to 5GDHC grids. Indeed, the programme will include:

  • testimonies from the pioneers and experience feedback
  • an update on the challenges and opportunities of 5GDHC to be taken up in Europe
  • a toolbox to get involved tomorrow in a 5GDHC grid: business model, feasibility study and impact analyses examples which can be replicated on your own site, as well as technical support tools. This toolbox will be presented and remain available after D2Grids project end!

-> A visit of the Paris-Saclay’s 5GDHC grid will be organised during the day in order to explain you practically how a 5GDHC grid work!