Level up your knowledege: 5GDHC serious game is out!

You’ve been waiting for it: the equipment you need to play the serious game on 5th generation district heating and cooling grids is now available!

Discover this interactive role-playing game featuring a hypothetical scenario in which a district heating company organizes a meeting to deploy a fifth-generation district heating and cooling network (5GDHC) in the city of Glasgow.

As a reminder, unlike traditional district heating, 5GDHC networks are intelligent thermal networks based on a local low-temperature loop. Decentralized energy production, thanks to heat pumps located on the user’s premises, enables energy exchange on the network, where flows are driven by demand. This concept enables the recovery of heat and cold emitted by supermarkets, datacenters, factories, offices and so on.
To find out more, (re)discover the 5 principles of 5GDHC!

So, the game’s five stakeholders are invited to this meeting to discuss the deployment of the district heating and cooling grid within the city and the buildings that would be connected to it.
The five roles in the game are:

  • Glasgow Housing Association (GHA)
  • A workspace management company.
  • Local authority (Glasgow city hall)
  • A wastewater treatment plant
  • And finally, the district heating company looking to deploy the grid, EnNet.

Stakeholders have to decide where the city’s first 5GDHC grid should be installed, and which buildings should be connected to it.
The game is punctuated by various phases of exchanges, negotiations and strategies, with the aim of fulfilling personal objectives while trying to achieve the common goal, so as to reach coherent and ambitious agreements!

All the equipment (game documents) is now at your disposal, so you can play as much as you like with colleagues or friends – nothing better for a successful team building!

Students from CentraleSupélec took part in this workshop, right in the heart of the Paris Saclay pilot site, which benefits from the 5th generation heating and cooling grid of the Etablissement Public d’Aménagement Paris-Saclay, pilot site of the D2GRIDS project.