Are you interested to learn more about 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC)? The D2Grids project is providing such opportunity. Open Universiteit, together with other D2Grids partners (BRGM, VITO, Greenflex, Mijnwater, ASPER), has developed a course on 5GDHC.

The first module of the course is already online !

The first module of 5GDHC (5th generation for heating and cooling grids) course focuses on providing general information about 5GDHC. In this module you will learn about 5GDHC principles, key performance indicators, advantages and disadvantages of the technology, differences of 5GDHC from other generations of district heating (and cooling), environmental aspects and possibilities of upgrading existing heating and cooling networks.

The 5GDHC course offers theoretical video lectures spiced up with real examples from the project pilot sites. For enthusiastic and advanced learners, the course provides additional reading materials, developed within the project. The course participants can accomplish assignments to check their understanding of the materials and ask questions to experts.

The course is currently available in the English language. In the coming year, the course will also be available in French, Dutch and German.

Why should you take this course?

The 5GDHC course offers the opportunity to gain exclusive knowledge and experience about 5GDHC from experts involved in implementing innovative district heating and cooling. 

This course is ideal for those who would like:

  • to expand their knowledge about 5GDHC;
  • to learn what technologies are used in 5GDHC;
  • to know how to start implementing 5GDHC;

The course is aimed at participants from industries, technology suppliers, small and medium-sized enterprises and actors on the energy market, but other participants are also welcomed to attend the course.

Some basic knowledge of the district heating concept is required.

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